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Vinda Fatwa Islami Zakaria Satrio Darmawan


The type of documentary used to create this documentary is portrait documentary. The documentary “Tari Jaranan” tells about the background of the Jaranan Dance, also explains how the magical elements are contained in it. The art of Jaranan Dance emerged in Kediri when Dewi Songgo Langit held a challenge to find a husband, and anyone who could make art that didn't exist on the island of Java would become her husband. At that time Jaranan appeared and was used to help the group of soldiers brought by Dewi Songgo Langit and Klono Sewandono from Kediri Wengker Bantar Angin. The art of Jaranan Dance is a dance that is performed en masse by riding a horse property made of woven bamboo accompanied by gamelan musical instruments and is a traditional art which has a sacred nature, where in this Jaranan Dance art contains magical elements that are always related to something. mystical thing. This dance, which is equipped with a pony property, is usually carried out until it reaches its peak, where one of the Jaranan Dance players experiences a trance. the creator as a producer uses a narrative approach in creating this documentary film by dividing it into three acts to make it easier for the audience to understand the contents of the documentary film “Tari Jaranan”. The creator hopes that with the documentary film “Tari Jaranan”, it can convey a message through an attractive and not monotonous visual concept. Thus, this documentary can provide information to the public about one of the traditional arts typical of Kediri, East Java.





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