PEMANFAATAN INSTAGRAM SEBAGAI MEDIA PROMOSI (Studi Deskriptif Kualitatif Pada Akun Instagram @Kawanbaru.Co)

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Yudis Bowo Pratama Indah Suryawati


Content in the form of photos, videos accompanied by writing or known as captions makes Instagram one of the social media that is currently popular with the world community. Starting from those who create, take to those who distribute have their own characteristics, from content that has aesthetic elements to those that contain ethical elements. In this case, the research aims to find out how to use Instagram as a promotional media for Kawan This research uses a qualitative descriptive study method. The data collection technique used observation and interviews with primary data obtained through interviews with key informants as the owner and informant one as admin of the Instagram account. From the results of interviews conducted by researchers, the conclusion is that Kawan utilizes the available features less than the maximum with the selection of content that is sufficient to provide information to the public about Kawan itself. For the selected content category, it can provide sufficient information about Kawan, both the products being sold, and the atmosphere of the place. However, Kawan is still not optimal in some photo content uploads because there are some product photo content that looks pale so it is not attractive to the public or followers of Instagram, maybe it can be adjusted in terms of editing for product photo content so that uploaded content does not look pale and becomes more attractive to look at.

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