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Bayu Syukri Sahrial Rocky Prasetyo Jati


Documentary portrait is a visual work that provides knowledge to identify more clearly about an information about an event that had shocked some media. In this work, the creator tries to convey information about mural art that has caused controversy. The author uses the research stages in the form of interviews, surveys, observations, literature reviews to support the development of the documentary production "DEMOKREASI". In this work, the creator raised the theme of mural function as a public space. The creator uses the background of the Indonesian state which is known as a democratic country and the rights of citizens to share their aspirations through murals. Documentaries are produced to show the message of citizens' democratic rights through a large medium in the form of mural images. The creator chose a muralist who became the main informant in the documentary. The creator developed this documentary flow with a narrative flow approach through the information presented by the resource person. The purpose of using a narrative approach is a visual storyline to convey a message to the audience.

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