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Ilham Amirullah Arbi Cristional Lokananta


The problem of gender inequality is increasingly widespread and difficult to solve. The discrimination experienced by women occurs in various aspects of life, both in the public environment, in the fields of education, law, health, politics, economics, even in family life. In this study, the researcher wants to know that Detik.com constructs news about Nissa Sabyan's infidelity issue by using the framing analysis method or modeling frame. This study also uses a constructivist paradigm with a qualitative approach, while the method used is the framing model of Zhongdang Pan and Gerald M. Kosicki. The results of this study indicate that in the initial paragraph it explains that Nissa Sabyan has been rumored to be the cause of Ayus and Ririe Fairus' divorce, this is evidenced by the words "highlighted" and "vortex" which are explanatory sentences and emphasize the meaning of the divorce incident of Ayus and Ririe Fairus. . Journalists will use all the discourse strategies to convince the audience that the news that is actually written is true. The researcher concludes that the Detik.com media in packaging the news above only displays quotes from Ayus' sister. Meanwhile, Ayus' sister is already familiar. This has an impact on the objectivity of the news that leads to Nissa Sabyan. Based on the results of research and discussion, the framing analysis used is based on the Zhonndang Pan and Gerald M. Kosicki model. This model has 4 structured elements, namely syntax, script, thematic and rhetorical, by analyzing the news framing of Nissa Sabyan in Pusaran Per Divorce Ayus and Ririe Fairus.

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