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Larasati Fiana Agustin Haronas Kutanto


As of March 2020, it was announced that the covid-19 virus had entered Indonesia and as time went on, more and more victims were caused by this virus, to suppress the spread of the virus the government began to make plans and set large-scale social restrictions which obliged to restrict activities, especially in education. The government has taken steps by eliminating face-to-face learning in schools and replacing it with online learning-based distance learning. This film tells about portraits of school children and their parents and teachers which aims to show the daily activities of students who carry out distance learning, the effects and even the effects of this online learning for those who run it. not only focusing on the world of education and the methods used, Based on the selection of resource persons, the author chose Mrs.Hotnida and Mr.Hendro as teachers which is representatives from Kolese Cikini senior high school, Rio and Salma as students representatives from Wijaya Kusuma and Cikini high school, Mrs. Jayanti and Mr.Ayasa as a representative of the student's parents, and Mrs. Nikita as a psychologist, The creator created this documentary because with the right or accurate time during the pandemic and the creator chose sources according to his profession, the information conveyed by the sources was accurate because the sources were relative and balanced. According to a statement from a psychologist, said that the covid-19 pandemic also had an impact on the psychology of children and even parents, also statements from parents of students and teachers that there are pros and cons, that is Distance learning cannot be said to be effective due to lack of focus while studying and unstable internet. And distance learning is good because we can monitor how children's learning, The method used in making this film goes through the first pre-production stage of determining the theme, ideas, research, making a production schedule and the tools to be used, taking pictures and shooting at the production stage, and editing the production results in post-production.

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