Perancangan Logo Sebagai Identitas Visual Pada LEMBAGA FARIDA AINI CONSULTING

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Viara Amaradila Ricky Widyananda Putra


This visual identity design aims to create a visual identity for Farida Aini Consulting to get an image in the field of psychology. In this case, the creator made "Designing a Logo as a Visual Identity at the Farida Aini Consulting Institute" to summarize all existing visions and missions into one visual identity, namely in the form of a logo. This logo will make Farida Aini Consulting different from competitors who are in the same field. In designing the logo, the designer uses data collection techniques in the form of interviews with the founder of the Farida Aini Consulting institution and a brief which is also delivered directly. In this brief, it concerns many things about what the designer needs in the logo design process. The brief is also a reference in determining what kind of logo is made so that it is appropriate as an identity for the Farida Aini Consulting agency, as well as planning creative and technical concepts in the design process. The final result is a logo that the designer will apply to several collateral media, such as: id cards, letterheads, envelopes, brochures, etc. To emphasize that the logo is worthy of being placed in many media.


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