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Reyhan Noer Oktavianti Prudensius Maring


The role of public relations in the police institution is not only to build communication for carrying out tasks, but also to be a means of building the image of the police. The South Jakarta Metro Police carry out the role of Public Relations through the support of social media in the midst of the complexity of the task of community service, maintenance of security, and public order. This condition is formulated in a research question: What is the role of Public Relations in maintaining the image of the police at the South Jakarta Metro Police via Instagram? The purpose of this study was to determine the role of the South Jakarta Metro Police Public Relations in maintaining the image of the police through Instagram. To explain this problem, this research inspires theories and concepts of public relations, social media, and institutional image. This study uses a qualitative approach with data collection methods in the form of interviews and observations. The results showed that the South Jakarta Metro Police carried out the PR process through the stages of problem definition, data-based program design, conducting leadership meetings to produce solutions, and implementing program evaluations. To maintain the image of the institution, the South Jakarta Metro Police conduct outreach to the public, listen to public complaints, upload police achievements through Instagram social media, respond to community suggestions, and open communication with the community through Instagram social media. Theoretically, this study states the importance of integrating the PR process, the function of social media, and achieving the image of the institution. Practical advice for the police is to continue to implement the role of a responsive public relations officer to gain public trust.

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