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Firli Arrohmani Nursa’id Laksmi Rachmaria


Forest and Land Fires (forest fires) are an interesting national issue to be studied, because forests are an environment that must be maintained. In this study, researchers analyzed the news of Riau Forest and Land Fires for the period 28-31 July 2019 in two media and This research aims to understand the construction of the news of Forest and Land Fires in Riau. Theparadigm that researchers used in this study is constructionist, and the method used is framing analysis by Zhongdang Pan & Gerald M. Kosicki which has four framing structures including syntax, script, thematic and rhetorical. The results of this study are the construction of news. The syntactic structure found emphasizes the writing of long titles and there is an emphasis on the statement of the source, the lead provides an overview of the topic to be discussed and the resource person used is more than one while frames the news of writing the title, lead and background information. The title is short and clear, there are more than one resource person and there is an emphasis on the source.'s script of 5W+1H elements is complete while's script is ncomplete. Thematic details explain the proportion of causal and explanatory coherence, the form of deductive paragraphs, details the proportions of causal and explanatory coherence, connects forest and land fires with extinguishing efforts carried out by several parties, in the form of mixed paragraphs.'s rhetorical description does not always explain news text frames with pictures, there are several word stresses to give a certain meaning to the news text, while has a rhetorical structure of images, criticizing the government and choosing to use dramatic words to arouse readers' feelings. 

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