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Ida Ayu Ketut Pujiani Rocky Prasetyo Jati


The design of this online journalistic work is based on early observation from the creators that not many people know about gastronomy. Gastronomy is a concept that learns the interrelationship between philosophy and the history of food as a cultural product. Online media is a media that provides information about culinary lifestyle by educating. The creators as editor in chief uses gastronomy as the basis of the concept in the presentation on the website. Gastronomy is displayed by representing culinary-related information of taste, flavor, texture, history, biographical or story figures who understand the philosophy of food. The creator uses the method of creation of works supported by research methods in literary studies and observation. News presentation on the website devide into several categories: food recipes, the history and philosophy of food, and the story of someone who knows the philosophy of culinary. The purpose of creating online media is as a media that can provided education in presenting news about culinary lifestyle without leaving history and culture. In this discussion of online media design, the creator uses media management which includes: editor in chief management and gastronomy.

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