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Aviv Fajar Dudi Iskandar


Film is a mass media that function as a medium for entertainment, education, and information. Documentary films are films that document reality, which means that in documentary films it means re- presenting the facts that exist in life. There are so many documentary films available right now, take SEXY KILLERS for example, which tells about the environmental damage that has occurred in several areas. This research method uses qualitative methods with semiotic analysis of Charles Sanders Pierce. The results of this study found several messages in the film that have moral messages in the category of moral messages in human relations with other humans in the social environment, such as when fishermen and environmental activists protest against coal power plants because they are considered to have a negative impact on the surrounding environment. The conclusion is that the film has a message to be wiser in choosing the energy used. In addition to environmental damage, the researchers also found a moral message for us to maintain the preservation of customs and culture that is owned by Indonesia by not changing the traditional customs in the region that have been carried out for generations by the local people.

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