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Hans Felix Javasman Zakaria Satrio Darmawan


Documentary is a creative way to represent reality. However, it must be admitted, documentaries are never separated from the purpose of disseminating information to the

audience. In this documentary film with the portrait genre entitled "A piece of clothing", the resource person, Rosie Rahmadi as a fashion designer, wants to convey information about the

fashion world. Maybe there are still many who don't know more about the world of fashion and what is behind this fashion industry. By raising the theme of fashion designers using environmentally friendly fabrics, this documentary wants to convey a message about the process and meaning of making a garment made by designer Rosie Rahmadi. Where every clothing made starts from environmentally friendly fibers, which are then made into a cloth, then the fabrics are put together into a garment. Not only using environmentally friendly fabrics, but Rosie Rahmadi also applies environmentally friendly living in the office with other co-workers. In this

documentary work, the creator acts as a director helping to visualize the ideas and concepts that have been made into image pieces, using visualization techniques to package the story. The creator hopes that the audience can understand the information conveyed by the creator in this documentary. In addition, the creator also hopes to educate the audience more about the world

of fashion through the creation of this documentary.

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