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Izma Tri Andini Eko Putra Boediman


This study aims to find out the public relations strategy of Erha Clinic in maintaining the positive image of the company. The problem of the study is how public relations strategy of Erha Clinic in maintaining a positive image of the company. This research used the theory of Harwood Childs Public Relations strategies with four types of Public Relations strategies. There are; argumentation strategy, publicity strategy, persuasion strategy and image strategy. The research used post-positivism paradigm and qualitative approach with qualitative descriptive method. The result of this study showed that public relations strategy of Erha Clinic in maintaining a positive image, successfully used an argumentation strategy by making positive news about new product launching, the latest treatments, achievements through mass media, social media, Instagram and websites. Moreover, the company also used publicity strategy by collaborating with the mass media in order to get positive news with mass media tactics in publishing news and conducting activities outside the work. The used of strategy of persuasion is with zero- complain, by giving educational information to the public about products and treatments, zero-negative- news by displaying customer and influencer testimonials through website, Instagram, and creating the culture of Erha Clinic employees as Public Relations. The strategy of image by conducting social activities to create window-reading parks, cataract surgery, and fundraising activity for stewards and securities employee affected by Covid-19.

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