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Mila Susilo Wati Rocky Prasetyo Jati


The type of creation of documentary works used by the creator is documentary portraits. Lengger documentary take focus on the effort of a bunch of art Lengger Lanang who wants to sustain his existence as an Lengger dancer. All this time they often get a negative stigma from society, Issue regarding the Lengger arts is thought to stray from two distinct sides between masculine and feminine. Negative stigma arose because to the lack of insight the society about Lengger. Lengger is a typical art of Banyumas, The dance is played by men who turn themselves into women. The concept that creator poses in the discussion of this report of is the director concept and accentuate on the visualization process. This visualize useful for clarifying the story line and it makes it easier for the audience to understand information delivered by the creator in documentary “Lengger”.


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