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Raffaello . Artyasto Jatisidi


In the pandemic situation of Covid-19 currently affecting the most of the business industry in various sectors and changing the patterns of society behavior in all the circles. The conditions make people as possible to minimize to meet and make physical contact. It makes one of the marketing activities in the industry sector which is currently disturbed. Because in general when someone who wants to buy or rent a building then the person should several times meet a property agent from the company to get an information about the building. So the creator has a solution of property marketing for the Hallo Property company in the Covid-19 pandemic, is that through online media connected with the QR Code. In the digital era, QR Code has been used to various payments transactions and getting any faster information which is it will be connected to a certain website and social media. In this case QR Code is a solution to support the property marketing communication activities at Hallo Property, with the combination concept of Integrated Marketing Communication. The QR Code demolition that became one of the supporters of Hallo Property marketing activities were performed by putting it on the Hallo Property name board and pamphlet. It became a company strategy to ease marketing communication activities with linking QR Code to online media, like the Hallo Property Instagram and Website. This onlie media uses are basically aiming for consumers who want to buy or rent in a fast digital era and more in a pandemic situation at the current Covid-19 can receive information about the house or buildings that will be bought and rent quickly without having to often meet with property agents.


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