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Annas Bachtiar A Ahmad Toni


This study aims to see how the producer's strategy is to improve the quality of the children's recitations program. The investigative statement put forward is how the producer's strategy in improving the quality of the children's recitations program on TVRI? This research method is descriptive qualitative based on the post positivism paradigm. The research subject of the Central TVRI drama division on the Production Process of the Tilawah Cilik Program. Technique data through observation, interviews and documentation carried out by the producer as keyformant, assistant producer and event director as informants. This study uses the theory of standard operating procedures. (SOP) proposed by Gerald Miellrson. The results show that the first is pre-production, the producer strategy works in accordance with the procedures that have been applied when pre-production discusses an important part of the strategic program, namely having a program planning first in making the program, then determining what kind of theme will be packaged and also program broadcast time so that the producer targeted audience can be reached. The production stage during the production program, the task of the producer is the process during the tapping process where a producer is responsible for maintaining the tapping process. In the post-production stage, the producer looks back at the results of the video edited by the editorial team who has overseen errors or deficiencies like what the editor did can be known by the producer so that this program is worthy of being shown or has to be fixed again. It can be concluded that a producer has an important strategy for the program he is holding, because all the concepts and contents of the program are developed by him so that it becomes a quality program in its presentation.


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