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Mutiara Ramadhani Doddy Wihardi


PT. Warna Prima Kimiatama is a company engaged in business to business. The main product of PT. Warna Prima Kimiatama is Thinner. This research aims to know the Strategy Marketing Public Relations in increasing the number of customers in PT. Warna Prima Kimiatama. Researchers used the concepts Three Ways Strategy by Thomas L. Harris. This research uses the Post- positivism paradigm and this research approach is a qualitative approach by using a qualitative descriptive method of research. Data collection techniques using interviews and observations as well as library studies. The research subject consists of Key informant and informants, and the research object is Marketing strategy Public Relations PT. Warna Prima Kimiatama in an maintaining number of customers. The results showed that the Marketing strategy of Public Relations PT. Warna Prima Kimiatama the increasing the number of customers using the concept of Three Ways Strategy, namely Push Strategy publication through the website, meeting, place, Pull strategy in the form of surveys, samples, promo, prices, publications through the website, Pass strategy by doing activities to provide compensation to provide health tools to prevent covid-19 In the concept of Public Relations Marketing strategy, Pull strategy is very influential in attracting the number of its customers because the company can survive in business competition for 29 years. PT. Warna Prima Kimiatama experienced an maintain in customers but because a Covid-19 pandemic Maintain the number of customers Belom reached the target of 100 customers, namely only 95 customers. This was the answer to this study.

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