PEMBINGKAIAN PEMBERITAAN TERORISME PASCA PENUSUKAN WIRANTO (Analisis Framing Robert N. Entman Pada Periode 10-17 Oktober 2019)

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Muhammad Rana Syarif Shinta Kristanty


This research is to find out how the news framing carried out by the website in conveying the coverage of terrorism after Wiranto's stabbing. The purpose of this research is to get an idea of how the framing of in delivering news about terrorism after Wiranto's stabbing. This research methodology uses the Constructivism Paradigm, through a qualitative descriptive approach, and Robert N. Entman's Framing analysis theory. The results showed defined the problem of Wiranto Post Stabbing Terrorism as a legal problem. A statement from the Head of the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) and the Police stated that the suspect of Wiranto's stabbing was a terrorist. The Conclusion of this research is explain an issue about Wiranto’s stabbing suspect is a radical terrorist. also shows a predominant aspect that Densus 88 Anti Teror team keeping on terrorism investigate after Wirantos’s stabbing case and arrested the radical stabbing suspect. The goal is that the public does not need to worry and get information that is clearly truthful and is not provoked by the presence of unclear information. Society needs procedures and processes to get what is called truth in a news.


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