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Meilia Fajrin Ni Gusti Ayu Ketut Kurniasari


Maintaining Loyalty is an important aspect for the company and one of the activities and duties of a Public Relations (PR). Public Relations or the PT Pegadaian Team has an important role in establishing good relationships with customers to maintain customer loyalty. This study aims to identify and obtain descriptive descriptions of how efforts to establish good relationships in order to maintain customer loyalty, the steps taken by the Public Relations and PT Pegadaian Team in building trust in customers. In this study, researchers used a four-stage process theory or public relations strategic step by Cutlip, Center and Broom, namely research defining problems, planning, acting, and evaluating and the Concept of Customer Relationship Management by Francis Buttle, namely research that looks at aspects of employees, processes, and technology in a way to maintain customer loyalty. This study used a qualitative descriptive qualitative approach, with the research subject, namely Pegadaian Public Relations and the object of research, namely PT Pegadaian's public relations efforts in maintaining customer loyalty. Data collection techniques in this study were semi-structured interviews and non- participant observation with several sources as well as through library research and several other data sources. The results of this study indicate that the PT Pegadaian Team is guided by the Four-Step Process Theory of Public Realtions Strategy and the Customer Relationship Management Model in building good relationships with customers.


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