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Yusuf Saputra Haronas Kutanto


Portrait documentary is a visual work that provides knowledge to recognize more clearly about information about a story of a child with a disability, namely Asyaffa Nur Julia and Siti Rania Aqila Yasmin who are attractive because they have very interesting life stories. Yayasan Pembinaan Anak Cacat (YPAC) is a non- governmental, non-profit social organization based on the principle that every human being has the right to develop his personality and every human being has social awareness and responsibility towards fellow human beings. In this work the creator tries to convey information about two disabled students who attend YPAC Jakarta who have their respective talents. In this work the creator elevates a place in YPAC Jakarta, South Jakarta. Thanks to the news about the works owned by them, about their works can provide an overview of how to learn and carry out their daily activities at home or at school that Asyaffa Nur Julia and Siti Rania Aqila Yasmin do by way of their abilities in their limitations. The creator made this Documentary concept with the development of stories obtained through information provided by the Interviewee, so that the information was developed into a visual storyline and this storyline will be packaged into a lightweight means of information so that the information provided is easy to understand by the audience. The creator hopes that this work can add insight and know that anyone with special needs can have a work. This can be used as an amplifier to make the audience interested in watching this portrait documentary.


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