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Natalia Yacoba Sira Artyasto Jatisidi


Logo is said to be an identity in a company. Especially in today’s 4.0 era, other than asa symbol of characteristics and value delivery, logos is used as an appeal to customers as an example of coffee drinks that are now a way of life for the millennials rather than just sleepiness drinks. Local coffee shops for vendors are now everywhere, from sidewalks to businesses to malls. One of today’s successful and familiar coffee products is the soul’s promised coffee where the coffeehouse awards the Indonesia World Record Museum (MURI) for the “fastest coffeehouse growth in a year”. From exposure to researchers doing this study in order to know the meanings contained in the coffee logo the soul promises its identity as its corporate identity is seen in deconnotations, connotations and myths. The research problem is how coffee logo analysis promises the soul using Roland Barthes Semiotics. The methodology used by researchers is qualitative with the paradigm used was constructivism. The results on this study may be drawn to the conclusion that the deconnotation contained in the coffee logo of the soul’s promise is the tagline, the text of the promise of the soul, the form of the pinkie promise, and the color black, for the connotation of the tagline, the writing of the promise of souls is the seriousness of expressing passion so it can touch someone’s psychological, for its mythological sense, it is to show the promise of a person who likes coffee and wants to give the best cup of coffee that comes from the heart to any customer. And it emerged from this research that a philosophical transporter was being built by society.

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