PEMBINGKAIAN BERITA REVISI UU KPK TAHUN 2019 DI MEDIA ONLINE (Analisis Framing Robert M. Entman Di Periode 22 – 25 September 2019)

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Vinny Nur Sakinah Laksmi Rachmaria


The purpose of this research is to know the attitude of related to the revision of the UU KPK in 2019. The object of this research is the news text on the revision of the UU KPK 2019 period 22 – 25 September 2019. This research uses a constructivicist paradigm with a qualitative approach. The research method used in this research is the analysis of the framing of Robert M. Entman. In the results of the study showed that Define problem, the proclamation of the revision of the UU KPK of the year 2019 was entered into the political realm as many highlighted the rejection of the UU KPK and excerpts from some political speakers such as President Joko Widodo, DPR chairman Bambang Soesatyo, chief of Staff of the presidency of Moeldoko, and others. Diagnose causes (predicting the cause of the problem), in this study, students are considered as the source of the problem because of the action of the demonstrator is not orderly and very anarchists who end up chaotic and clash. Society as victims of the demonstration and police are regarded as heroes. Make Moral Judgement (making Moral choices), demonstrations down to the street judged not elegant to be done, demos like this are also vulnerable to be ridden by certain political interests with different motives and objectives. Treatment Recommendation (emphasizing completion), students are given the appeal not to take action down the road, there is a more elegant and honorable pathway that can be done by negotiating through judicial review in the Constitutional Court.

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