(Survei Pada Warga Perumahan Taman Permata 1 RT 02 RW 08, parigi, Pondok Aren)

  • Briansyah Inzaghi
  • Mira Herlina
Keywords: Host, Perception, Program Show


"THE EFFECT OF RAFFI AHMAD HOST ON THE VIEWER PERCEPTION IN THE OKAY BOS EVENT PROGRAM IN TRANS 7" (Survey of Taman Permata 1 Housing Residents, RT 02 RW 08, Parigi, Pondok Aren) On October 21, 2019, Raffi Ahmad announced to all his fans that he would take a short break from entertainment in Indonesia. The announcement was very surprising to many people because Raffi Ahmad, who was always seen many on television stations, suddenly asked for permission to break. Many thought that Raffi would stop. but after the explanation and clarification provided by Raffi Ahmad, viewers could understand. Many perceptions from viewers with the news Raffi Ahmad took a short break. This study aims to determine how much influence the host Raffi Ahmad has on Audience perceptions on the Okay Bos program on TRANS 7. This research uses a quantitative approach with an associative explanatory type survey method and uses the S- R (Stimulus-Response) theory. Variable X uses the concept of a good TV presenter according to Baksin (2013), and Variable Y uses the concept of factors in perception according to Walgito (2017). Data collection was obtained by distributing questionnaires to research subjects, namely Taman Permata 1 Housing Residents, RT 02 RW 08 with a sample size of 109 respondents. The results of this study based on the Regression Test has a value of 0.633, showing a strong relationship between the X variable and the Y variable because it is between the correlation numbers 0.60 - 0.799. In addition to this, the value of R Square or the coefficient of determination is 0.401 which when presented becomes 40.1%. It can be concluded that the variable influences of host Raffi Ahmad on the perception of Taman Permata 1 RT 02 RW 08 housing viewers on the Okay Bos program on TRANS 7 amounted to 40.1% and the remaining 59.9% is another variable not examined in this study. After conducting research it can be proven that Ha is accepted and Ho is rejected, it can be seen from the Sig. (2-tailed) 0,000 <0.05, which means that there is an influence of host Raffi Ahmad on the audience perceptions of Taman Permata 1 RT 02 RW 08 housing on the Okay Bos program on TRANS 7.

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