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Syahrul Romadhon Rachmi Kurnia Siregar


This study discusses communication within the Karang Taruna organization, Pondok Karya Village (KTKPK), South Tangerang, including communication patterns between the chairman and the board and the community with the community. This study aims to determine the communication patterns of KTKPK and the communication process in conveying messages and receiving messages related to the program agenda by this youth social organization. The formulation of the problem in this study is how the communication patterns of the KTKPK organization. The research method used in this research is descriptive method with a qualitative approach. This communication pattern is an All Channel communication pattern that is comprehensive in conveying messages and receiving messages to the chairman and members. The theory used in this research is Elton Mayo's Theory of Human Relations with a strategy of improvement and improvement. In creating effective communication in the form of interaction, this can be a good example to be applied in social life. By using a free channel communication pattern, it can make it easier for the KTKPK organization to interact mutually between members and the chairperson freely. This research views that the KTKPK communication pattern runs smoothly in providing motivation to increase work motivation and carry out various program activities that will be carried out and inform ongoing activities. The research results that the researchers obtained from in-depth interviews and non-participant observations refer to the Human Relations Theory, by suggesting strategies for improvement and improvement. In the end, it can increase the satisfaction of organizational members and create an organization so that it can help individuals develop their potential.

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