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Muhamad Zaelani Haronas Kutanto


The type of documentary that the creator uses in creating this documentary is a portrait documentary. The “Orange Army” documentary tells efforts to make Jakarta clean and comfortables as linked to the use of natural resources, in order to preserve the environment, it should be considered its maintenance and structure. Then humans would be the proper human caretaker. The orange army’s performance was therefore needed in Jakarta on both the cleanliness and safety of the area. It also gave the people a sense of community the capital of Jakarta. to instill concern for the surroundings that not only the orange army but also the people. The method used in this documentary filmmaking through the weaving stages of theme, research, storytelling, the scheduling of producer and shaping of the creator’s story as a producer used the narrative approach in the documentary, by dividing three stages represents the application of the plot element in the narrative approach. To make it easier for the audience to understand the contents of the “orange army”documentary. The application pf styles and approaches is selected to help convey messages through both visual and nonmonotonous images. And so, the documentary can be inspiring to the watching to understand the story in order to better understabd the problems that are being experienced in the neighbothood.

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