• Alifah Nur Handayani
  • Shinta Kristanty
Keywords: Representation, Nine Elements Journalist, Semiotics


The point of this research is how the nine elements of Journalism Represent The Post. The purpose of this research is to know Representation of the Nine Elements of Journalism in The Post. The theories used in this study apply to the semiotics of Charles Sanders Pierce. The method used in the study is the semiotical analysis of Charles Sanders Peirce, the triangle of meaning. The research paradigm used is a constructive paradigm with a descriptive qualitative research approach. The subject of this study is The Post film, and the object of this study represents the nine elements of journalism in The Post film. The collection of data in this study uses the two stages of primary and secondary data. Primary data in this study researchers conducted non-participants observations on the film The Post. Secondary data in this study is obtained either through review or in a journal associated with a representation discussion of the nine elements of journalists in a film. The results found that the film journalist did his work by following the journalism elements of Kovach and Rosenstiel. The Post film also upholds press freedom which is the basis for them to continue to explore information. The Post film contains a concept of press freedom put forward by Nurudin (2009) as the freedom to broadcast its editorial policy without any other party forcing it to act outside the wishes of the press.

Table of Contents