(Analisis Semiotika Roland Barthes)

  • Arfan Randy Awaludin Nur
  • Rini Lestari
Keywords: Meaning, Nationalism, Semiotics, Banda The Dark Forgotten Trail


This research focuses on the meaning of the nutmeg in the film "Banda The Dark Forgotten Trail". This film is based on a true story and directed by Jay Subyakto which tells how events in the past caused the Banda Islands to want to be controlled by European nations because of their best spices. Data collection was obtained through data collection from the film "Banda The Dark Forgotten Trail", in the form of a synopsis and review of the film, several pieces of pictures that have messages, meanings and symbols in the film. The formulation of the research problem is How is the meaning of nationalism in the film Banda The Dark Forgotten Trail using Roland Barthes' Semiotic Analysis? The purpose of this research is to understand more about the meaning of nationalism in the film Banda The Dark Forgotten Trail. The paradigm used in this study is a critical paradigm which focuses on uncovering the hidden aspects behind a reality that appears to be subject to criticism and changes in social structures. This research approach uses qualitative research that aims to explain the phenomenon in depth. The research method used is Roland Barthes' semiotic analysis which focuses on the markers and markers of connotation, denotation and myth. Data is also obtained from literature studies, the internet and several books as references. The results of this study are to show the meaning of nationalism which has become an absolute prerequisite for a nation. The conclusion of this research is a high sense of nationalism in Indonesian society which has been proven to be able to proclaim the independence of the Republic of Indonesia with a high fighting spirit.

Table of Contents