Dokumenter Ilmu Pengetahuan Instruksional Hidroponik Dan Perkembangannya Sebagai Edukasi Teknologi Pertanian

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Yuliana Choerul Reza Bintarto Wicaksono


Creation of works as a documentary of instructional science intended to discuss the development of hydroponic technology in Indonesia. The idea formulation of ​​this work explain the concept of conventional agriculture towards hydroponics due to uncertain climate changes, starting from simple technology, BPONIK System and sensor technology. The creation method in this work is conducted by researches, surveys, observations and interviews with related parties. Using instructional science documentaries could explain the details in each segment so it must support the usage encouragement towards the audience. The conclusion of this work is a documentary work on instructional science with the theme of developing hydroponic technology and its application.

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