Manajemen Redaksional Ntmcpolri.Info

(Studi Deskripsi Kualitatif Pada Manajemen

  • Umy Hany
  • Indah Suryawati
Keywords: Management, Editor,, WebSite



This research attempts to described Redaction of Management. The formulation this research is how management redaction. The researchers used post positivism paradigm, a qualitative approach and in qualitative descriptive.  Data collection techniques are obtained from the results of interviews, observations and documentation. The technique of data collection from the results of interviews, observation, and documentation. website as the subject, and management NTMC redaction police as an object this research. The theory management George R. Terry consisting of planning, organizing, briefing to exert an influence, and supervision. The results of the study are on planning management conducted by NTMC police with the aim of the vision of the provided information Korlantas activities for accepted by the citizens. Organizing the NTMC National Police, each member knows and runs their own jobdesk, so that the work can run smoothly and there are no errors. To Actuating the Producers, motivate and communicate with subordinates as a friends. In Controlling that is done by management, according to the jobdesk. So that all employees carry out their work well and achieve their goals.

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